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Nah.. i’m not talking the chip on the above image. I’m talking about our computer chips, microchips. So how did it happened, and are you actually aware that the Global now is really shortage the computer chip and how does it affect you?

First of all, we need to know what is microchip? There’s not an overstatement if we say the ‘Semiconductor Power the Modern World — CNBC’ . Everything you’re using now, have the built-in chips. It’s what makes our appliances smart for eg: Smart phones, TV, Computers, Tablets, Air-Conditioner, even our refrigerators, etc. …

Have you watch this Thai-language drama which make you hold your breath for every episode? It is so perfectly reveal the dark-side, evil, and ugly which hide in the humanity. This drama is about a Mystery girl, Nanno who transfers to different schools and has the ability to expose everyone’s different stories of hypocrisy.

The Season 1, first episode “The Ugly Truth” about a male teacher, using his teacher authority and influence forcing female student for having sex with him. More outrageous, he tapes down the sex scene to threat his victim to continuous having sex with him.


In Malaysia, some of the areas you still can park free without need to pay anything. Due to not fully implement the parking meters from the government or the parking meters always malfunction, and lack of the officer manpower to raise the compound tickets to the car parking users. But, this is going to end very soon. Malaysia’s city council have launched the Smart Parking Systems / Apps in order to increase the car parking collection and reduce the operating cost. For eg : Smart Parking Selangor, and Smart Parking Penang. So yeah, bye bye free parking!

Just happened early…

Disclaimer: These top job search website that I posted here, are purely based on my own research and finding. You can take it as a reference if you are job seeker or if you are a company if you want to hire staff.

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When come to search a dream job, it’s a pretty hectic and not fun progress. Especially during this pandemic situation. A lot have lose their job and now need to start modify, create the perfect resume in order to get a job or interview.

The popular job search website in Malaysia, at least until today I’m still…

It’s a tradition among programmers when testing a new language to have a first program phrase “Hello World!”.

Above is my pycharm interface with my ‘Hello World’ :)

Some coders believe by how easy to get the computer to say ‘Hello World!’ in that language can judge how difficult that programming language is. Programming language are sets of code that computers can understand. Each of the language has its good and bad points depending on what that programmer needs. They would find certain language works better than another for what they want to do.

Recently, Python is very wide use, and famous among other programming language. …

Chinese new year is around the corner. Malaysia’s government has dropped bomb yesterday that our Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 going to extend until 18th of February. There’s goes end our celebration.

When we are cracked head, in order to be more creative to arrange the gathering with family and friends. I found Gather, it is a video chat platform like Zoom but better. You can spend time with your friends, coworkers, and communities like you would in real life.

up ^ is the tutorial link on how you can use it and create your room. Due to the…

Disclaimer: These criteria are the summary after I read the 50 people who do by Joseph Mavericks.

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These 50 people are successful in their life and what they do. I find out some similarity that they are practising in life. I list in down as below;

Rise up early — Most of them are a morning person. They are either wake up at 530 am — 730am. Average make it 6 am. …

I have started my data and machine learning self-learning journey during the lock-down. From a zero-knowledge about data, machine learning and as well as the bitcoin, now I am confident says that I am familiar with those terms.

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Like machine-learning, the machine is self-learning with the data, and the algorithm we trained. Then, from the output, we visualise it and make the decision out of it. I have a daily business to run, and some of the time I need to do some deliveries just to make my time more useful. …

First of all, we need to know what’s stoicism. I learn about the stoicism mindset from author, darius foroux . For me, Stoicism, is like an old reliable walking stick act like guide to life. It is very logic, and I always believe every actions that we’ve decided and did comes with consequences. Stoicism is guide me more confidence, productive, resilience and calmness which i really need. If you interest to practice Stoic Mindset like me, here’s the 10 rules maybe can help give you a good starting or reference. This 10 Stoic Mindset by Jonas Salzgeber, The…

I just updated my #medium profile with the theme colour I love. I have always liked with the dark grey — looks like a bit steel and suitable for my character and I have always liked the orange very much.

It is not very hard to personalise your medium profile if you want to do so. Take a few seconds:-

Screen Shot — Kenji

Click on the ‘Design your profile’ on your right tab, I have circled in red. Then take a few minutes to design the profile that you like, and bring out your character and personality. Viola!!!…. my profile created.

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